The Dragons Rainbow

What a night…

“What’s the point of free food if you can’t enjoy it in peace? Those rock skins won’t shut up! …Oh well at least the meat isn’t bad.”

“Thank Ma’tan that rock skin sharing my room went to bed. Maybe they’ll be quiet.”

“Nope, spoke too soon. The soft skin Hilda doing her damndest to pry into the male (at least I think male) warforged life.”

“Okay food’s done, time for bed. Hope miss rock lady is quiet.”

“Aside from the unpleasant welcome, she’s not bad. Keeps to herself, and I’ll keep to myself. I think we can make good bunk mates. She’s got her place I got mine, and best of all she doesn’t make much noise.”

“…Why is it so quiet?”

“Don’t think about it, maybe she’s just trying to be quiet.”

“Maybe she had left and I, just didn’t notice.”

“You tit, she’s just not making any noise! I would’ve seen her leave she’s not the most subtle thing here.”

“These rock skins don’t move in their sleep? By Khyber, what if they don’t sleep. She’d just be laying there all night…listening.”

“Ma’tan would be proud of her abilities. ‘Silent as night, quiet as the moon, deadly as a blade…’ Ma’tan would think this rock skin the ultimate assassin. Laying in wait for the perfect…time-to strike.”

“She’s going to kill me in my sleep.”

“That cursed soft skin, is after me. He must’ve found me out when I went back to Zarash’ak and now he sent this rock thing to kill me when I rest. No wonder she headed straight for my room. I’ll just have to remain still and blend in, maybe she’ll think I’m asleep and attack. I’ll catch her…”

“…then I’ll tear her face off and offer it to Ma’tan when I return.”

“Hour 3…still no movement…”

“Okay so I’ve been laying here for hours (I hope). The others should be up soon. I think they like me enough to come to my aid if something does happen. I must persevere. A good assassin can lay in wait for as long as he needs. I just need to keep my mind sharp.”

“…bottles on the wall 24 bottles of ale. Take one down pass it around 23 bottles of ale on the wall. 23 bottles of…”

“Eye lids heavy-but I can’t sleep yet. Night must almost be through. Blasted soft skin, jumping in the way of my bolt! If he hadn’t I wouldn’t be in this mess right now. I’d be home enjoying a comfortable bed, sleeping soundly knowing a job well done. My brothers and sisters would be there for me. I wouldn’t have to…”

“…eating delicious lamb! I miss home, I miss Ma’tan, I miss Gallot, I miss Sha’rook, and oh how I miss…”

“…she had such beautiful scales, especially when they glistened in the moonlight. The way her crest would perk up at the sound of clattering gold was so cute. I just want to see her again. To slip through the roof tops in the pouring rain, just the two of us. Like that one night when Ba’thal had been late on his report. She was so nimble and…”

“…I would swoop in claws extended and rip the beast asunder. Then we would be together. I king of Zarash’ak and her my queen-”

“I can’t believe I just feel asleep! Wake up Snict! You’re no good to her if you die!”

“She’s probably still down there. I don’t dare to look, if she thinks I’m on to her who knows what she’ll do.”

“Hour…eight? I don’t know, without the moons or stars it’s hard to tell the time. Still nothing from the so called ‘business person’ below me. She may not even be there, but I can’t sleep now. Not after all I’ve gone through.”

“For the rest of the trip I’ll sleep in the Orc’s free bunk. He seems trustable. Besides if he tries anything, at least I know how to slit his throat.”

“Tomorrow I’ll see if there’s something on this airship that I can get for her. I’m sure a pretty necklace or ring would be a wonderful treat upon my return. In addition to all the gold I’ve been collecting. I need a better way of transporting it…”

“A backpack may be a good investment. That way I can distribute my gold much more and empty the sack a bit. A lone cut purse at this point in time would half my coffers. If he managed to get away that is.”

“The others are moving. I’ll wait for the rock skin to leave and then transfer my things to the Orc’s room. She didn’t make her move, but she might’ve suspected me, or is waiting until closer to the end of the voyage to prevent discovery. Either way…I need sleep.”



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