The Dragons Rainbow

Settling into Sharn

The captain managed to land the runaway airship, but not before the hull was hit by a skyscraper and the luggage on board was lost. The clan running the airship apologized for the turbulent flight and refunded everyone’s ticket (a cost of 1,000gp) in addition to sending out men to hunt down the lost possessions. We had bartered for our tickets instead of paying the original price, none the less we accepted the refund. I’m not sure if this was the right thing to do, but we did need to acquire new weapons. Perhaps I’ll speak with a brother at the Church of the Silver Flame about it sometime.

Shortly after receiving our “refund” we meet John(?) Goldsword(?), who runs an inn called The Goldsword. He is also a friend of Doria. He offered us rooms and meals at his inn for a group price of 10gp a day. This gave us each our own room and three meals. We made our way to the inn where we found the place had been wrecked. John found a sigil and defaced coin indicating that the Boromar were responsible and that John was getting behind on his protection payments. While the Boramar have kept less agreeable folk out of John’s inn, he was paying them 300gp a week. We found this price a tad too high and went to seek out Hugo, the local district leader of the Boramar in hopes we could renegotiate the price.

We found a tarvern in the lower part of town that seemed to be run by the Boramar. We also had a run in with some of Hugo’s hired mercenaries who called themselves Coffin Hunters. One of the members was being rather unpleasant to a boy who worked at the tavern who had tripped and spilled a bucket of left over drinks onto the Coffin Hunter. Kane and I want to help the boy. After being up close to Coffin Hunter I saw his dragon bone wand, which gave me an idea of how strong this man was: it was no simple feat to kill a dragon, which is the only way to get a dragon bone wand. Worse yet, two of his companions had surrounded Kane and I; we had no choice, but to return to our table. Luckily, the Coffin Hunter seemed to have stopped harassing the boy for the moment.

Being late, we returned to The Goldensword so we could start fresh the next day. We came to the conclusion that following a Coffin Hunter to Hugo would probably be difficult due to their magical abilities. Therefore, we instead devised a plan to surprise a group of them (they seemed to always travel in threes) and overpower them. Hopefully then we could get the information we wanted.

We returned to the Boramar run tavern the following day and as expected we encountered another group of Coffin Hunters. Hilda and Nora both tried to seduce one of the Coffin Hunters to get him out of the tavern where Feng and Snick were were waiting, but he mostly ignored them. At this point Kane suggested he might be gay and that I should try to seduce him. Luckily, I managed to convince him that he should try instead. However, Kane was unsuccessful in seducing the Coffin Hunter and elected instead to start a fight with him, but on the condition they do it outside, where Hilda and Nora had joined the others. The Coffin Hunter agreed and promptly tossed Kane out of the door using his magic. These Coffin Hunters were indeed strong, and I was beginning to get the feeling that the forthcoming battle may not end well for myself and my companions.


I like it!

Settling into Sharn

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