The continent of Khorvaire has gone through a great many changes over the last 200 years. Invasion by monsters from another plain of existence, 102 years of bloody war, the creation of an entirely new race of sentient beings. Magical experimentation, and technological advancements through the manipulation of powerful artifacts. But the biggest change is in the hearts and minds of her citizens.

You see, most thought they would live their lives fighting the war that their great-great-grandparents started. But with the sudden cease fire on all sides brought by the Treaty of Thronehold, lots of people who had been born, bred, and raised to fight, now no longer have a home or place in society.

But there are a great many fiends left in the world. Plotting and scheming. Under the veil of war, they could stay hidden and their plans would go unnoticed. Some only want to find a way to the places they once called home. Others want nothing more than to see the world burn.

The Dragons Rainbow

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